Posuvné steny

The glazed sliding door perfectly illuminates the interior with daylight and harmoniously connects it with the outdoor environment. They excel not only in their utility properties, but also by their high comfort and safety, as well as excellent thermal and technical properties.

They are ideal for large glazed walls of family houses. They also meet the most demanding room lighting requirements. The hotel’s barrier-free entrance allows a comfortable and unobstructed transition to the terrace, balcony or garden. Sliding doors are an alternative, especially in terms of space, because they do not need to have a radius around them within which the wing is being opened.

Ideal solution for the entrance to the terrace

  • New option of the sliding walls of SIEGENIA brand
  • The possibility of make in the following profiles: IV68, IV78, IV88, IV98, IV110
  • Top quality SIEGENIA enables also with big walls a comfortable manipulation of the wing
  • barrier-free access, hardened plastic doorsill with interrupted thermal bridge
  • wing bearing capacity up to 400 kg

SIEGENIA allows the installation of wings with a wing width of 760 – 3235 mm and a wing height of 690 – 2670 mm. Interestingly, SIEGENIA’s system enables horizontal sealing elements are controlled by the handle, making it possible to achieve unprecedented seals. This innovative technology opens up entirely new perspectives and offers unimaginable comfort.

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