Energy saving, window installation and protection during installation

A good window can greatly help you to save energy. Company Drevovýroba Kočiš ltd. offers you windows with an advanced technology and optimal thermal and sound insulation. Heat insulation is very important and depends on the thickness of the window frame, tightness and glazing. Window insulating parameter is the U-value. The lower the U-value, the better the insulating feature of the window. The noise from the exterior is unpleasant and, at a certain intensity and duration, can adversely affect human health. Here also attention is paid to the thickness of the frame, tightness and glazing. Sound insulation of windows is measured in decibels – dB-. Once the dB value is higher, the insulating properties of the window are better.

Professional installation of windows and doors is a prerequisite for their long and flawless use. Therefore, the installation should only be carried out by trained personnel. Up to now, the installation in Slovakia has included: fitting into pre-treated holes, anchoring, spinning and centering. Our products are recommended to be installed using double-sealing tapes in accordance with STN 733134 for installation of windows to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Act and the valid standard STN 730540 Heat-Technical Properties of Structures and Buildings.

ME350 – 351 Technical sheets (PDF, 2,46 MB)

ME350 Window film interior VV Technical sheets (PDF, 119,58 KB)

Wooden windows are more difficult to keep protected during the masonry and painting work. The owner of such windows must pay attention to their increased protection against pollution by cement, mortar, lime, etc., which can etch the surface of the window. Therefore, we recommend that you protect the windows with TESA 4438 cover tape (blue or pink / white).

Tesa 4438

Páska Tesa 4438

Illbruck ME350

Montážna páska Illbruck ME350
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